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On Friday, September 25, 2020, four women, who all work for the same company, came over to our house to view some of my art work. Based on information from the person who arranged the event, it appeared that it would be worth my effort to place some of my paintings inside our camper canopy, on the outside entry walls of our home, and on our old display panels set up on our driveway. With a little bit of effort I managed to hang 36 acrylic paintings and 16 vintage framed watercolor paintings and framed photographs. Hoping to move that latter items, I discounted them at 46%. The acrylic paintings were discounted 10% of this website’s posted prices. We provided wine, individually wrapped snack items, as well as chairs, Tiki lamps and fire in our wood burning fire pit for a great evening ambience. The weather was great and so were the colors on our maple trees. They all thanked us for the great evening.

Two acrylic paintings went home with two buyers. As stated in this website information page, the buyers were encouraged to take them home and live with them for one week. If after a week or sooner and they like the painting, I get to deposit their checks. If they wish not to keep the painting, upon the return of the painting, I will hand back their checks. In this case, obviously, there were no shipping charges or credit cards involved. One buyer informed me the next day that they are keeping the painting and I should deposit her check. The other buyer is still thinking about it but it appears that they will be keeping it. They just have to change the wiring on the back of the painting as they prefer to hang the painting on its side.

Conversation came up about the possibility of my holding another outside show of my work before it gets cold. My wife was concerned about the general public gathering for this kind of event during the pandemic. So there will not be another showing this fall. Perhaps next spring it will be more conducive to hold another outside show on our driveway and in our camper canopy for everyone to enjoy.

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