2020 Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

Well, what do you know! The 2020 Minnesota State Fine Arts Exhibition WILL be held during the State Fair time period even though the fair has been cancelled this year. That’s the good news. The understandably bad news is that, due to the pandemic, it will be presented as a video. So unless all those hundreds of thousands of people who have personally stopped into the Fine Arts Building to the see previous exhibitions are willing to watch the video online, the number of people seeing the exhibition is going to be rather limited this year.

Artists get ONE shot at getting into the exhibition each year. I’m still trying! My choice this year is “Mountain Trail.” With a little luck, maybe “Mountain Trail” will find itself displayed on one of the Fine Arts Building walls — and the online video presentation — from August 27th to September 7th.

Mountain Trail

Upcoming Exhibitions

Due the the Coronavirus all galleries and art center venues around the country are temporarily closed. However, there are several available online juried art exhibitions for which artists can submit their artwork. In the next several weeks I will submit digital images of my work to these state and national juried exhibitions in hopes of landing a spot or two in these shows. Should any of my acrylic paintings be selected for display, I will post that information here and on my Facebook page.