Earthly Impressions

Original acrylic painting created in 2021 on 30” X 22.25” X .25” Eucaboard and presented in a 31″ x 23.25″ X 1.5” brown frame. Free shipping.
Price framed: $770
Price unframed: $700

Received Special Recognition Award in 2011 LightSpaceTime Online International Art Gallery “Abstracts” Art Competition.


Please note: reproduction options are not available.

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2 Comments on “Earthly Impressions”

  1. I’m sitting at burnhaven library, in front of this painting. I sat down to study for some finals without noticing this painting. I look up from my work and I see it. To say i was flabbergasted would be an understatement. This may be the most beautiful piece of art I have seen in my entire time spent living. I’ve never been super into paintings, but this might be the gateway into a new obsession.

    • Hey, Leif! Thank you for your encouraging comment about one of my paintings that was hanging on the wall of the Burnhaven Library this past spring. Sorry this reply is a little late. Do you remember what the painting looked like or the title? I am curious as to which one had such an impression on you. Hope you did well with your tests. May you have a successful and rewarding future ahead of you. Rick Mittelstadt

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