After The Storm

Original acrylic painting created in 2016 on 28″ x 36″ stretched canvas. 

Received Award of Merit in the 2016 Savage (MN) Arts Council
Juried Art Competition.

To purchase the original acrylic painting WITH or WITHOUT the frame:

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To purchase reproductions of this painting through ArtPal:

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This painting was inspired from a challenge from my acrylic painter and friend, Annie Young. After creating a very abstract landscape painting with a sponge (see below), Annie prodded me into painting with my fingers. Not exciting about the sponge painting and needing a canvas, I poured white and blue paint on the canvas and began recreating my childhood finger painting days. Days or weeks later I eventually turned the finger painting experience into a stormy sky, added the barn (see barn photo below), and the rest of the landscape-stuff to look like a barn in a field after a rain storm passed by. It reminds me of the movie, “Wizard of Oz,” which I hated as a kid.

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